Allocate 20% of your energy
to handle 80% of your support

Focus only on important conversations and let Kastro organize your conversations,
suggest relevant articles from your help center, and handle repetitive questions.

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  • WeQA Software
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  • Crudly

An AI ChatBot you can trust

Powered by ChatGPT and with built-in safeguards, Kastro handles repetitive questions using the knowledge base. Your support team can then focus on conversations needing a human touch, ensuring faster responses for your customers.

  • Human handoff on complex problems or user needs

  • Handle conversations that is already answered

  • Dramatically reduce your support volume

  • Activate in minutes

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An ,[object Object], you can trust

Get more done with our AI-enhanced workspace

Your help desk needs an upgrade! Summarize conversations, expand replies, rephrase answers, or change tone with AI assist.

  • Write the message the way you like, ask AI to change the tone

  • Collaborative answering, Start a Sentence, AI Continues

  • Automated Offline Responses

  • Use AI to write your Help Center

Get more done with our ,[object Object], workspace

Is this what you need?

All the core features you need for a live chat widget

  • ⚡️
    GPT ChatBot

    Teach ChatGPT to be your support operator.

  • 👨‍💻
    AI workspace

    Work alongside AI to boost your productivity.

  • 📚
    Help Center

    Create a professional help center that will help your customers find answers to to their problems.

  • 💡
    Typing Suggestions

    Suggest what users are looking for when they type in chat.

  • ⌨️
    Quick replies

    Answer repetitive questions once, use it all the time.

  • 💬
    Live chat

    Looking for a simple yet powerful live chat? You're in the right place.

Give your customers the tools to help themselves

Easily add your help center to your chat widget, so customers can find the most accurate answers when and where they need them.

  • AI Integrated, Allow customers to ask questions directly from your docs!

  • Provide suggestions from your help center even in new conversations.

  • Easily migrate your old help center to Kastro with our powerful crawler.

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Give your customers the tools to ,[object Object]

Assist customers while they're still typing...

Help your customers before they send a message! Kastro uses embedded search in your articles to suggest answers as users type.

  • Resolve tickets before they're opened.

  • Recommend help center articles, allowing users to get instant answers.

Assist customers while they're ,[object Object]
  • ⚡️AI Chatbot
  • 📚Help center
  • 💬Live chat
  • ⌨️Quick replies
  • 🔖White label
  • 🪄Website crawler
  • Lead generation
  • 🖥Code assistant
  • 📖Documention page
  • 🗣Customer Insights
  • 📣Reporting
  • 🧠AI Offline Support
  • 👨‍💻AI workspace
  • 🫂Team Friendly
  • ⌨️Typing Suggestions
  • 🙋‍♂️Ask from AI
  • 🔥Designed for efficiency
  • 🖌Customizable
  • 🤖ChatGPT Chatbot

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