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Write the message the way you like, ask AI to change the tone

Craft your messages in your preferred style and easily fine-tune the tone with the help of AI, thanks to Kastro's intuitive platform.

  • Collaborative answering, Start a Sentence, AI Continues

  • Automated Offline Responses

  • Use AI to write your Help Center

Write the message the way you like, ,[object Object]

AI-Powered Help Center Article Generation

Kastro simplifies article creation with AI. Craft informative and relevant help center content quickly. Save time and ensure your customers have easy access to valuable resources.
Create FAQs, tutorials, and solutions effortlessly. Kastro makes help center article creation simple and efficient.

  • Generate based on your website content

  • Generate from inbound questions

  • Generate based on your prompt

AI-Powered Help Center Article Generation

Maximize productivity with the fastest shared inbox

Our shared inbox is AI-enhanced and designed for speed and efficiencyβ€”so your team can work smarter and collaborate faster.

Maximize productivity with the fastest shared inbox

What I get in my workspace?

You get all you need to boost your productivity with AI

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    Respond with AI

    Respond to customers professionally with AI suggested responses. Never sound robotic or impersonal again.

  • 🌍
    Translate with AI

    Customer messages in a foreign language? Ask Kastro AI to translate them to your preferred language on demand.

  • πŸ“
    Create with AI

    Create frequently used response templates in seconds with AI. Simply tell AI what you want the template to include.

  • πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ
    Ask questions with AI

    Too busy to read or comb through a long conversation? Simply ask Kastro AI a question and we'll do the work for you.

  • πŸ—ž
    Summarize with AI

    Save time and increase team productivity with professional conversation summaries, powered by the latest AI technology.

  • ✍️
    Write with AI

    Let AI handle the creation of your Frequently Asked Questions content. Just fill in the blanks. No stress needed.

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