We've come a long way to get here, and there's a long way to go!
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MinorDecember 20, 2023
Version 2.2.0
New features
  • Send email to website operators on escalate request

  • Ask email from your visitors

  • Added a tiny CRM

  • Send an email to the visitor if they are offline, and the operator has responded

General Improvements
  • Mark unseen messages in the Inbox

  • Tiny Ui improvement in the messages inbox

MinorNovember 1, 2023
Version 2.1.0
New features
  • Release typing suggestion feature

  • Allow free users to use typing suggestion based on help center articles

MajorNovember 1, 2023
Version 2.0.0 [Rebirth 🔥]
What happens?
  • Move towards being a solution for customer support, not just a chatbot builder!

  • Pivot the product completely, to an all-in-one customer support solution

New concepts
  • AI enhaced Workspace: Get more done with our AI-enhanced workspace

  • Typing suggestion: Streamlined support with AI suggestions as users type

New features
  • Ability to select how much you want to use AI in your support operation

  • Upload website logo

  • Upload user avatar

patchOctober 27, 2023
Version 1.8.2
General Improvements
  • Improve appearance setting

  • Improve efficiency in answering questions

patchOctober 25, 2023
Version 1.8.1
General Improvements
  • Add ordering feature to help center articles

  • Support markdown in help center

  • Increase the width when article open in widget

minorOctober 20, 2023
Version 1.8.0
New Features
  • Ask to help, if answer exists in Kastro knows the answer

  • Add retry connection mechanism

  • Update usage chart

General Improvements
  • Improve crawling feature

patchOctober 13, 2023
Version 1.7.1
General Improvements
  • Fix cookies on tracking visitors conversation

  • Update usage chart on dashboard

Bug Fixes
  • Fix widget height on larger screens

MinorOctober 11, 2023
Version 1.7.0
New Features
  • Deploy new landing page

  • Enable / Disable help center

General Improvements
  • Improve the infrastructure of the core

MinorOctober 1, 2023
Version 1.6.0
New Features
  • Add help center, inside the chat widget

  • Ability to use only for live chat

General Improvements
  • Ask to escalate to human, in messages

MinorSeptember 25, 2023
Version 1.5.0
New Features
  • Complete redesign of Chat widget

  • Custom deploy the WebSocket server

General Improvements
  • Improve embeddable script

MinorSeptember 20, 2023
Version 1.4.0
New Features
  • Add special crawler for GitBook documentation

  • Ability to save, and send images from Kastro

  • Ability to generate code, from the documentation

  • Increased pricing & plans

General Improvements
  • Update dashboard chart

  • Update landing page content & images

Bug Fixes
  • Fix all the bugs submited from users.

PatchSeptember 13, 2023
Version 1.3.1
New Features
  • Show last message on inbox & chat widget

  • Disable sending new message when Kastro is answering

Bug Fixes
  • Fix request operator button

MinorSeptember 10, 2023
Version 1.3.0
New Features
  • Add stripe

  • Create better typing animation

  • Auto switch between models

Bug Fixes
  • Ignore input messages with more than 2k tokens

  • Fix crawling issue on onboarding

MinorSeptember 5, 2023
Version 1.2.0
New Features
  • Add crawling feature

  • Support various type of entering content as Chatbot knowledge base

  • Launch our affiliate program

Bug Fixes
  • Ui improvement on chat widget

  • Fix home page issues

PatchAugest 31, 2023
Version 1.1.1
New Features
  • Update the Ui of Inbox in panel

  • Create onboarding process

Bug Fixes
  • Fix Inbox Ui when it's empty

  • Fix chunking issues on training

MinorAugest 16, 2023
Version 1.1.0
New Features
  • Switch to operator & back to Chatbot

  • Add monthly usage chart

  • Ability to add multiple text inputs for training

  • Add suggestion at start message

General Improvements
  • Increase the speed of training process

  • Prompt optimization

Bug Fixes
  • Fix credit counter issues

  • Fix responsive issues on widget

ReleaseMay 15, 2023
Version 1.0.0
Initial release
  • Create chatbots

  • Add chatbot data in a single text input

  • Changing the chat appearance

  • Ability to request human operator

  • Inbox messages

  • Embeddable chat widget